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OMG CHONK!!!!1!!11!!6!!!11 [entries|friends|calendar]
OMG CHONK!!!!1!!11!!6!!!11

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Yo [09 May 2004|07:15pm]

Hey guys, I finally joined LiveJournal and got a journal of my own.


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[04 May 2004|08:34pm]

this is a meme.
add your lj name to the top of the list and one thing about yourself. it doesn't have to be interesting.

oneshotnothing- um. dunno. i bite my fingernails too much?
wasabifuck- I have a dog named Kittycat.
claudiamercy- I own a mansion and a yacht. No I don't. But I do have my own cable TV show,my own zine & I am a dj on a pirate station.
spiked_dragoness - I have fourteen ponies in my room, and they are arranged by colour, hair and body type.
Jesus_marley - I have an ingrown toenail...and it hurts
striges - I have two great guitars but I never play them
Gowan - I have the Chinese character for "Sex" tattooed on my right shoulder.
Anarathoth-I wear bikini style underwear with little vampire Garfields on them.
dawndesiree - I have scoliosis. And no I do not look like Zelda from Pet Sematary... different back disorder.
Nefariousski - I really hate prime numbers. For example I turned down a great price on a great house because it's address was prime.
scarlettpayne - I am petrified of sharks and spiders
the7thsky - I have an obsession with mobile phones even though I hate using them.
electrickat- i own the largest collection of frank sinatra records and memorabilia in north america
wanderingaengus - I could read when I was two years old
wigletwones - I can touch the tip of my nose with the tip of my tongue
bookbear - I hate hate HATE missing movie previews
hrnybear - I am absolutely terrified, make that petrified, of snakes, even when they are on TV or in a movie.
craigferguson - I can easily obsess over office supplies (red swingline, thats me)
bunkytomnj - I used to have a CDL and drove a charter bus for 3 months.
redgtbear - I have taped over 700 episodes of the Carol Duvall Show.
epicurus88 - I want to reincarnate as a japanese school-girl... and giggle a lot.
bobo_dreams - my biggest fear is being alone...not single..alone.
irishchub - I am obsessed with Fozzy Bear
slacker_x - Body hair on guys turns me on.
ratboy77 - My hair never makes any sense.
perplexio - I hate snakes.
pixie_doolittle - I am scared of the dark.
enigmae - I fantasize often about skipping town.
lethebasii - I am allergic to Bell Peppers. ;)
shineyquarter - I used to burn myself all the time playing with fire.
peagles - I have size 13 (UK) feet.
darkmoon - I hate using telephones.
ktbee - I wanted a cat as a child.
duchessnora - There is cough drops and peanut butter on my desk.
devafall - I'm scared of being alone.
mslulu - I can't play the piano
elisandra - I never wanted a pony
sirnate13 - motion is my art form
thesenorita - i love back tickles
ducati - five years ago i almost drowned.
nattie - i hate being locked out.
striggy - i stick my tongue out when i'm concentrating.
neph13 - the ocean freaks me out.
superbestia - I have a weakness for redheads.
fulguritus - i wear safety pins to keep me safe.
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CBH [31 Dec 2003|01:04am]

title or description http://www.undergroundfunkstarrailroad.com/cheapbluehorn.ram
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[14 Dec 2003|02:44pm]

are you the chonky in group x's mario twins song? and are you playing in santa cruz anytime soon?
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Happy Turkey Day [27 Nov 2003|03:55pm]

[ mood | peaceful ]

Hope everyone in Chonk-Land has had their fill today! I'm so bored! Why isn't there anythign to do in Satellite Beach, Florida?

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHONK! [25 Nov 2003|11:34am]

Hey, it's Chonk's birthday! OMG! Dance!

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